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Sports Betting for Total Beginners: 12 Factors You Should Know

“What are the bets?” is one of the queries that newcomers to sports betting ask. In this blog, we provide detailed instructions on how to do that.

Sports betting terms like individual, combined, systemic, handicap, and long-term can be confusing, but many large sports betting companies have a sizable portfolio. What are these wagers, and which sporting events have the highest likelihood of winning? What things should novice sports bettors in Singapore and Malaysia keep in mind?


The simplest type of sports betting is single wagering. It gives newcomers and novices the best opportunity to benefit from sports betting in Singapore. Single betting reduces risk because it only requires the player to concentrate on one game when placing a wager and to meet one requirement in order to win money. Therefore, your wagers are limited to a win, a draw, or an away victory.


A combined bet carries much more risk for bookmakers than a single wager, but it also has noticeably better winning odds. A combination bet is often regarded as the greatest kind of wager since it strikes a balance between single and system bets.

As the name implies, many bets, including those from various sports, are combined in this type of wagering. In order to gradually improve bet chances, seasoned gamblers advise against increasing bets that they believe to be safe. Because: All winnings are forfeited if merely one projected win of the favoured does not materialise.


The so-called system bets are a smart method to balance chances and dangers, according to bookmaker experts. They are an improvement on the standard combo bet since they combine big winning chances with a tiny chance of losing everything. Major bookies in Malaysia recently expanded on combo bets by introducing system bets. The proximity between opportunities and hazards should be minimised. A system bet is used to place numerous combination bets simultaneously as one bet.

Live Sports Betting

Live Sports Betting

Therefore, in order to assist you in succeeding at the beginning of your profession, we have broken down the top 12 criteria of sports betting for beginners.

Avoid chasing losses

Losses should never be chased. You must consider each win (and loss) as a separate wager. Chasing losses refers to the practice of making a new wager right away after losing an earlier one. This could start a negative trend that results in further losses, grief, and frustration.

Avoid this by placing all bets based on their value and merit rather than worrying about whether your last wager was successful or unsuccessful.

Never wager without doing your research

While there is a tonne of information for newbies to absorb, it’s crucial to do your research before placing any bets in Singapore, especially at first. If doing so results in you only placing bets on one or two games per week, that’s fine.

You should make sure you’re ready for every wager you place as a novice gambler. Therefore, it’s crucial to just wager on games that you have carefully investigated.

Always place rational bets

The employment of the brain in sports betting is crucial because it is a complicated organ. Always follow your head while placing a wager.

Your head is the most crucial component while starting your betting profession in Malaysia, even when your heart may support your preferred club or athlete.

Never wager more than you can afford to lose

Gambling is not a quick-money scam. It’s a difficult process that has the potential to eat you up and spit you out. You should only bet what you can afford to lose because of this.

Anything else could have an effect on your day-to-day activities, which is not what sports betting is about.

Only bet on sports that you are familiar with

To increase their chances of winning, novice gamblers in Singapore should only wager on sports they are familiar with.

Don’t Waste Money on Bets With Big Payouts

Even though the return on odds indicated at +50000 would present amazing value, you shouldn’t attempt this until you are a seasoned pro.

Since the odds of these wagers winning are slim, you don’t want to risk losing money if you’re new to betting.

Never risk all of your funds on a single wager

No matter how much money you have, never use it all on a single wager. It’s simple to lose everything by doing this. Decide how much of your bankroll you want to stake with each bet once you’ve made your initial deposit.

You can alter how much of your pot you want to stake on each bet as your bankroll rises or falls.



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A safe wager does not exist

Even though it would appear like the heavy-sided favourite is the best option, keep in mind that nothing is certain. The favourite is never ideal, and those who can never lose bets occasionally lose.

Make sure you’ve done your research before placing a wager on something you believe to be a definite thing.

Find bookmakers with excellent promotions

Promotions are enjoyable. When registering with a bookmaker in Malaysia, seek their special offers and welcome bonuses. It’s crucial to examine what these bookies have to offer because these bonuses and promotions could include free plays in addition to matched deposits.

Recognize odds and betting options

Beginners should familiarise themselves with the various sorts of bets as well as the meaning of the betting lines since they will be betting on the odds and lines. This will make it easier for novice gamblers to feel at ease placing their bets.

Keep betting records

At the beginning of your profession, keeping track of each wager and its outcome will assist you to determine what went well and what didn’t with your wagers. This can be an effective tool for visualising betting trends and past betting activity as well.

Place Bets without Prejudice

This is a further guideline that must be followed. The majority of sports bettors have preferred teams, but this does not affect their ability to make decisions. When you first start your betting career, make sure that your wagers on teams are made objectively. This will enable you to make an intelligent choice, whether it is good or bad.